This incredible nontoxic 18-piece cookware set from GreenLife just dropped to $80 at Walmart – Yahoo New Zealand News

This incredible nontoxic 18-piece cookware set from GreenLife just dropped to $80 at Walmart – Yahoo New Zealand News

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This 18-piece cookware set from GreenLife uses a nontoxic ceramic coating to prevent food from sticking. (Photo: Walmart)

There’s a lot that feels good about owning a GreenLife Cookware set: Not only are you getting top-quality pots and pans that are comfortable to use, you can feel good knowing that GreenLife products are toxin-free and better overall for the environment. But in case that wasn’t incentive enough, Walmart is giving you one more reason to feel good about choosing GreenLife by dropping this 18-piece set all the way down to $80 (from $130). 

That’s less than five bucks for every item of cookware your kitchen needs. 

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All cookware pieces in the set are made with recycled aluminum, so they’re super light and easy to handle. (Photo: Walmart)

$80 $130 at Walmart

This 18-piece GreenLife cookware set has found a lot of love among Walmart customers, first and foremost because of how easy the ceramic, nonstick coating is to clean. And unlike Teflon, it’s derived from sand, is free of lead, PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances — yuck!), PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid — double yuck!) and cadmium, so you can rest assured that toxic chemicals are not finding their way into the meals you’re preparing for your family. 

One five-star reviewer, who said they’re in “cooking heaven,” loves how truly nonstick this set is. “These ceramic pots and pans are amazing,” they said. “They are easy to clean. And, just like the instructions said, putting it on a medium heat cooks just as well as high. I love them. It was, in fact, the best decision I made for a cooking set.”

Another added “I can’t believe how easy it is to clean. I can practically wipe it clean.”

The set is also made with recycled aluminum, further upping the environmentally-friendly factor and making the cookware incredibly light and easy to handle. “It is so lightweight that I can actually lift it full of food and rake it out into a bowl,” said another five-star fan. “My previous set was so heavy I had to spoon food into a bowl.” The cookware also features a wobble-free base, allowing for more even heating throughout the cooking process.

Not only do you get pots and pans in this set, you’ll also get kitchen gadgets, tools and a cutting board. (Photo: Walmart)

One of the set’s best features is the Soft Grip Bakelite handles, which are made to stay cool to the touch when cooking on the stovetop …….