Crazy about cast iron? Shop Walmart’s sizzling sale on top-rated Lodge cookware — from $20 – Yahoo News

Crazy about cast iron? Shop Walmart’s sizzling sale on top-rated Lodge cookware — from $20 – Yahoo News

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The iconic Lodge cast iron cookware is on sale at Walmart. Now’s the time to stock up! (Photo: Walmart/Getty)

If you only ever cook with Teflon, then you’re missing out on a juicy secret: cast iron is king in the nonstick cookware category. This heavy-hitter is superior when it comes to conducting heat evenly and churning out tender, fall-off-the-bone meats; crispy, perfectly done veggies and more.

Whether you’re a cast-iron newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll love this news: Walmart is having a massive sale on cast-iron cookware by Lodge, a leader in the category. Prices on top-rated pieces like pans, griddles and Dutch ovens start at just $20 — and discounts are almost 60 percent! Check out our top picks below.

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starting at $22 $26 at Walmart

Grab this collector’s skillet for just $25! (Photo: Walmart)

Cast-iron connoisseurs: take it to the next level with this decorative skillet that truly performs with fire but looks just as hot hanging on your kitchen wall. The American-made collector’s item boasts an oversized image of a Buffalo Nickel, featuring the North American bison, that harkens back to the Wild West. Treat this pre-seasoned pan the right way (that means hand wash, dry and rub with cooking oil), and you’ll have a piece of perfection to hand down through generations.

One fan wrote: “I’ve gone through so many nonstick pans that eventually can’t be used because the surface gets scratched, nicked, and wears [off]. But you’ll never have that problem with a good cast iron pan like this one.”

At 30 percent off, the Lodge Cast Iron Buffalo Nickel Skillet is just $25 right now.

$25 $36 at Walmart

Yes, you need a Dutch oven — we all do! (Photo: Walmart)

There is just something irresistible about a red Dutch Oven hanging out on your stove or countertop. Start Googling one-pot recipes now, because this enameled cast-iron beauty will quickly become your go-to for effortlessly amazing meals that will make your kitchen confidence skyrocket. Stews, soups, roasts, pastas, casseroles — even breads and cakes — come out beautifully in this generously sized Lodge Dutch Oven.

A happy shopper wrote: “Love it. Large enough to braise ‘comfortably,’ easy to clean, and works well on the stove and in the oven. Great value.”

Save $11 on this absolute gem at Walmart.

$69 $80 at Walmart

Save $40 on this heavy-duty …….